Buzz: Thailand - Cambodia First Border Trade Festival.

 October 7, 2010

Paving the Path of Trade with Smiles. Border tensions have certainly eased immensely since just weeks ago.

It really was just weeks, the end of July, 2010 that Thai and Cambodian armed forces were facing off at the border over which country would manage the Preah VihearTemple Site. We won't get into the politics of it here, but in the end, politics have prevailed, old alliances have been diminished and new ones strengthened. The two countries have spent the recent weeks building new bridges and creating opportunities for a lasting friendship.  No better way to do that than to make opportunities for trade, something second nature to the Ministry of Commerce of the Kingdom of Thailand. H.E.Mrs. Porntiva Nakasai, Minister of Commerce and H.E.Mr. Chea Horthorn, Undersecretary of State, Kingdom...

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Trade fairs are exhibitions where companies representing specific industries can demonstrate their most up-to-date services, goods and study achievements of rivals. Trade show is the same as trade fair and trade expo. Modern trade shows differ a lot from those of the past. Nowadays a huge marketing investment is involved by companies that participate. Among them are accommodations, networking, telecommunications, design, space rental and many others. There are trade expos of different types. Some of them can be attended by members of the trade, others are open to the public.

Online trade fairs are becoming more and more popular these days. Virtual trade shows are not so expensive and participants don't have to travel, which makes them even more attractive. Would you like to know more? Surf the OTE website.

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